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So you’ve started thinking about senior portraits and you have the perfect outfits but now have to decide what locations they will look best in. Have no idea where to go? We’ve got you covered with this extensive guide of beautiful locations for senior pictures in the Columbus, Ohio area. After looking through this guide you’ll have plenty of options to choose from that will be a great backdrop for your senior photos.

Downtown Columbus Locations for Senior Pictures

German Village

German Village is one of our most popular locations for senior portrait sessions and for good reason. After all, there are absolutely gorgeous brick homes, beautiful florals and so much variety which makes it perfect for senior photos. You could easily spend an entire 3 hour session in German Village however there are plenty of other beautiful locations in close proximity which will add diversity to your session. Yet another reason why German Village is so great. Especially for seniors wanting multiple location options.

When it comes to German Village there are multiple locations where we typically start the session. One option is starting at the North end at Frank Fetch Park. Some seniors choose to start at The Book Loft of German Village which provides a very colorful backdrop for some of your final images. Lastly there is the option to start at Schiller Park. This choice is great for the seniors who want a more nature feel to their senior photos while still being in an urban setting. Regardless which option you choose your photos will have tons of character, look beautiful and will have a good mix of the urban and nature feel.

Scioto Mile

Want the city skyline as the backdrop for your senior photos? Then Scioto Mile is the perfect choice for you. Especially because there is an entire mile worth of beautiful architecture and backdrops to choose from at this location. After all, it’s in the name. This is also a great location if you want the golden glow of the sunset in your photos. What I particularly love about the Scioto Mile is how elegant it looks and how much variation there is in backdrops to choose from. It’s also wonderful for sunrise photos. That is, if you are willing to get up early enough to take them.

Franklin Park Conservatory

The gorgeous conservatory, by far my favorite location in photograph senior portraits at. I guess that makes sense though since I love floral images. If you want flowers for your senior pics I highly recommend considering this location during the summer months. The gardens are constantly evolving throughout the summer with new things constantly in bloom. And the golden glow is absolutely gorgeous from the sun in this spot.

While it is gorgeous in the summer, this location is also breathtaking in the spring and fall as well. If you love all the spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips and the stunning pink magnolia trees this is the spot for you. It is important to note that the community gardens are free for senior pictures. However if you want photos within the gates of the Conservatory they require a photo permit. The photo permit is $150 for an hour but definitely worth the added expense. Certain events throughout the year like the fall pumpkins and Christmas florals provide for unique one of a kind photo opportunities that are absolutely gorgeous.

Yet another reason to consider this spot is because it is right downtown so it is extremely close to other locations like Jeffrey Mansion, German Village and the Scioto Mile. So if you are considering a 1.5 hour session or a 3 hour session put this location on the short list.

The Ohio Statehouse

For the classy senior who wants elegant and stately architecture for their photos, The Ohio Statehouse is a grand option. It’s important to note that the Statehouse does require a $50 permit in order to get photos taken there. With grand columns, iron gates and pretty lamp posts and trees there are so many options at this location that is filled with so much history. This spot would be great for a history buff or someone planning to go into politics one day. It would also be a beautiful backdrop for a dancer senior session or a session with a prom dress or other sophisticated outfit.


If you would describe yourself as artsy and colorful and want an urban setting for your senior photos, Franklinton is for you. There are tons of colorful murals, sculptures and unique architecture that make Franklinton a wonderful site for the artsy senior. This spot is also popular with senior guys. Unique doorways, alleys and graffiti walls tend to be favored backdrops among quite a few of our high school senior guys.

The Brewery District

If you are prefer urban locations for senior pictures, the Brewery District may be a great option for you. The Brewery district isn’t as lively as it used to be but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great setting for portraits for your senior year. Distinctive wooden doors, cast iron gates, brick walls and industrial windows are all great backdrops that will make your photos pop. Definitely consider this industrial location when deciding on your locations for senior pictures.

Jeffrey Mansion

Unknown to many living in Columbus, this gorgeous brick mansion is the perfect photo setting right in Bexley, Ohio. This location is very popular when it comes to high school prom photos but it can be utilized for so much more. This setting is the perfect mix of urban and nature. There’s a large wooded area behind the mansion that has wooden steps, and a creek as well for more photography options than just the mansion can offer.

The mansion itself just got a remodel completed in 2022. Now there is a courtyard area on the side with string lights which is stunning. This location is great year round and is especially popular in the winter. That is due to all the gorgeous evergreens on the property that lead to amazing photos after a fresh snowfall. If you’re wanting high-end photos in a couture dress or a slick suit this spot should definitely be on your list.

Scioto Audubon Metro Park

The perfect setting for the senior who wants tall grasses, wildflowers and a golden glow, the Scioto Audubon Metro Park has so much to offer. One of my favorite spots at the location is the boardwalk over the water. From that spot you have a view of the Columbus skyline on one side and a gorgeous sunset on the other. Can’t go wrong with those views. This spot is especially popular with our senior ladies who love the wildflower field shots. So grab your favorite maxi dress and a sun hat and book your session at this location today.

Short North

There are many fabulous locations for senior pictures in downtown Columbus. One of the most popular spots is the Short North. This particular location is known for it’s art and culture and definitely has a hipster vibe. There are tons of colorful buildings, doorways, staircases and murals that offer amazing options for a diverse senior portrait gallery. The Short North is a rather large area so keep that in mind when choosing shoes and considering outfits. There will be quite a bit of time spent walking between different portrait locations so we recommend choosing a longer session length with this spot.

Goodale Park

One of the most popular spots for photos in the spring is Goodale Park, located in the heart of the Short North. There are various species of blooming trees including multiple pink magnolia trees which are absolutely beautiful for spring senior photos. If you are considering waiting till spring for your senior portrait session make sure to consider this pretty spot. And with the trees blooming in April you’ll have plenty of time to get your images back in time to use for graduation announcements. If you are planning on a summer session just make sure you are aware of the various festivals that take place at Goodale Park. With Pride and Comfest both happening in June, sometimes this location gets very crowded with people on the weekends.

Westerville, Gahanna and New Albany Locations for Senior Pictures

Inniswood Metro Gardens

If you want colorful flowers and lots of variety, definitely consider Inniswood for your senior portrait session. In the springtime this is one of the main places I recommend. Mainly because it has the most options. From gorgeous pink and white blooming trees, to hundreds of bluebells, daffodils and tulips this place is stunning. You really can’t go wrong with this location regardless of the season as it is always beautiful.

Uptown Westerville

Just a few miles from Inniswood Metro Gardens you’ll find a great urban setting in Uptown Westerville. So if you are looking for a location combination for your 1.5 hour session this would be a good option to consider. With unique alleyways, red brick buildings and metal staircases this is a very popular spot for our senior clients. And what makes it even better is that this location is great year-round. If you are looking for an urban space with lots of backdrop options this spot should definitely be on your list.

Hoover Dam

Westerville, Ohio has so many amazing locations for senior pictures. One of my absolute favorite spots is Hoover Dam. The spot offers a wonderful setting for seniors who want to incorporate nature in their images. There are wildflowers, water access, tall grasses and even a forest of pine trees that is gorgeous year round. If you want colorful trees in the fall as a backdrop, this location would be a great choice for you. And its location is close to many other wonderful photo spots on the east end of town. Uptown Westerville, Inniswood Metro Garden, Blendon Woods and Creekside are all nearby. All options would provide a great mix of different spots for beautiful photos for your session.

Creekside Gahanna

The East side of Columbus provides many beautiful locations for senior pictures. One of the most popular locations on this side of town is Creekside in Gahanna, Ohio. Definitely a top choice among Gahanna Lincoln High School seniors, this location offers quite a few different settings to choose from. Various staircases, bridges, waterfalls and fountains are all available at Creekside. Another perk of this location is the creek access for those seniors who’ve always wanted to stand in the water for some of their senior pics. This location has the perfect mix of urban and nature feel. With so many options this location has lots of potential.

Sharon Woods Metro Park

Sharon Woods Metro Park in Westerville is a beautiful nature location for senior portraits. With a pond, lots of scenic trails and even wildflowers, this is a popular location in the summer and fall. In the fall there are lots of red and orange trees and tall grasses to add texture to your photos. Uptown Westerville would be a great urban location to pair with this nature setting for your portrait session.

Everal Barn and Homestead

A smaller park in Westerville that is a great option for senior photos with a quaint country feel is Everal Barn and Homestead. This location is just a few minutes up the road from Sharon Woods Metro Park. There is a white barn, brick house and a scenic pond to use as backdrops. During the summer there is a gorgeous willow tree and colorful flowers in bloom. This is a good location option for a 45 minute session. This location will allow for quite a bit of variety in a short amount of time.

Blendon Woods Metro Park

Blendon Woods Metro Park in Columbus is yet another one of the many fantastic locations on the east end of town for senior photography. This spot is absolutely stunning in the fall. With rich colors, tons of different grasses and plants you really can’t go wrong with this location. While Highbanks is our most popular location for fall photos, Blendon Woods offers just as many options for stunning fall senior photos. And the main perk of Blendon Woods is how central it is to other portrait locations. You could travel from Blendon Woods to 5 other great locations all within a matter of 5-10 minutes. So if you want a session with multiple location options and want pretty fall color, include Blendon Woods in your list of locations.

Rocky Fork Metro Park

Rocky Fork Metro Park in New Albany, Ohio is one of the lesser known Metro Parks in the area but it is still a beautiful setting for senior portraits. With it being less popular than other parks it’s not as busy so you don’t have to wait on other people to move from desired locations in order to get the perfect senior photo. This is a great spot if you are looking for fall color, tall grasses and wildflowers for your pictures.

Goldenrod is a pretty golden wildflower that blooms in mid September to early October in the fields and pairs beautifully with the golden sun as it sets over the trees. Fall color typically comes a little later in late October to early November so if you want yellow, orange and red leaves book your session for that time frame. If you want to do multiple locations for your senior session consider Uptown Westerville, Creekside Gahanna or Downtown New Albany as great urban locations to pair with this nature setting.

Downtown New Albany

All too often I hear that there are no good places to take photos in New Albany, Ohio. I have to say that statement is widely untrue. As someone who lives close to New Albany I can say with certainty that New Albany offers so many great options. In the spring there are gorgeous white and pink blooming trees. Pair those with the brick walls and white fences and you have a beautiful combo. There are also colorful wildflowers that start blooming in May and differing varieties continue blooming throughout the summer. Overall this area provides a great mix of urban feel and nature. This location has a very upscale feel which definitely ties with the area of town. So if you have a preppy, classy vibe this location may be perfect for you.

Highbanks Metro Park

While Inniswood is probably the most popular metro park for photography overall, Highbanks is definitely the most popular in the fall season. However, that’s for good reason. Highbanks is a massive Metro Park with gorgeous trails to use for your senior pics. And you don’t even need to go too far on any trail. Some of my favorite photos here were taken just a few feet away from the parking lot. There are also plenty of bridges and fences at this park which always add a little extra to your images. You’ll leave your senior session here with tons of variety in your final senior photo gallery.

Dublin and Hilliard Area Locations for Senior Pictures

Bridge Park

Bridge Park has quickly become one of our most popular locations for senior pictures, especially with our senior guys. The spot was recently updated with the construction of the new bridge a few years ago. Now there are so many unique spots to use as backdrops for senior pictures. There is even a nature area close by so you can have both an urban and nature feel all at one general location. Definitely consider this spot if you are a Dublin High School student. There are plenty of beautiful parks nearby as well that offer a great second location for your senior session.

Homestead Metro Park

If you want your session to be all about wildflowers then Homestead Metro Park is the location for you. Nestled between Dublin and Hilliard this is a pretty spot on the west side of town. With a pond, covered bridge and a white barn there are plenty of options for different settings for your senior images. Also if you are planner their shelter house is great for graduation parties so you could check that out while you are here.

Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Glacier Ridge is one of best nature locations for senior pictures on the west side of town. This metro park is similar to Highbanks with lots of open grassy fields that are beautiful at sunset. There is a lot of variation in the textures that can be found here which will offer a lot of variety in your images. A maxi dress with a sun hat would look absolutely stunning at this location. Also there are horse trails for our equestrian clients who want to include their horses in their senior pics. A perfect urban location pairing would be Bridge Park if you are planning to use Glacier Ridge for your senior portrait session.

Worthington and Central Columbus Locations for Senior Photos

Columbus Rose Garden

If you love flowers, especially roses then the Whetstone Park of Roses in Clintonville may be the perfect option for you. But it is important to note that rose season is in June. So plan to book your session early as there is limited time to capture the roses in peak bloom. It’s definitely worth it though. Typically the second and third weeks of June provide the best color. Another great reason to choose this location is because it is massive. Multiple gardens make up the park and it’s not just roses. So even after the roses are long gone there are plenty of other colorful flowers to use for your senior session. In my opinion this location is only a good option from May to July. So if you want colorful flowers outside of that date range I would recommend Franklin Park Conservatory or Inniswood Metro Gardens.

Ohio State University

When considering locations for senior pictures you may want to think about your future. If you are planning on being a Buckeye, Ohio State’s campus may be perfect for you. Broc and I are both OSU alums and always love heading back to campus to take senior photos and see how much things have changed over the years. You can feature the football stadium, or feature the particular hall of the major you are planning to go into. This would be the perfect way to incorporate your present with your future plans. Take a photo with an Ohio State pennant flag on the Oval to announce your college decision. That will make a great photo for your graduation announcements.

Uptown Worthington

Yet another great urban setting is Uptown Worthington. This location has unique storefronts and secret little hideaways that lead to beautiful portrait destinations. One thing to note is that I would avoid this spot on Saturday mornings. Worthington has by far one of the best farmers markets in the Columbus area and Saturdays are always busy. This location is a perfect pair to Highbanks Metro Park. By pairing this location with Highbanks you get the perfect mix of urban feel and nature for your senior session.

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26 of the Best Locations for Senior Pictures in the Columbus, Ohio Area

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